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Teams for the 2020 Outdoor season

Men's (WOSL)

3 Teams for 2020


-Taxandria A (Premier)

-Taxandria B (1st Division)

-Taxandria C (3rd Division)

Cuts from Taxandria C will have the opportunity to play Monday night Rec instead, and will receive a $205.00 Refund

Tryout Schedule:

@ Lambton Shores Arena gym, Forest

Monday's (Weekly) @7:30PM......Jan 20,27, Feb 3,10,17,24, Mar 2, 9, 16

Saturdays (Bi-weekly) @6:00PM....Feb 1, 15, 29, Mar 14

Women's (LAWSL)

3 Teams at Taxandria & 2 in Nairn** for 2020

-Taxandria A (1st Division)

-Taxandria B (3rd Division)

-Taxandria C (4th(rec) Division)

Cuts from Taxandria C  (if there are any) will have the opportunity to play Monday night Rec instead, and will receive a $175.00 Refund

**Taxandria Nairn A "Thorpe" (2nd or 3rd Division)**

Taxandria Nairn B "Small" (3rd Division)


**Nairn A is undecided right now if they are a go, email Stu for more information:

Tryout Schedule:

Master's (MMSL) 35+

Team for 2020

Taxandria  (3rd Division)

Youth Teams (EMDSL)


7 Teams for 2020

Age          Level         Number of teams 

U8           Tier III                        2

U10        Tier III                        1

U12        Tier II & III               2

U14        Tier III                        1

U16        Tier III                        1

U12 Tryouts: Wed Mar 25, April 1......7PM @ NLSS gym (Forest highschool)

Youth Teams (EMDSL)


6 Teams for 2020

Age          Level       Number of teams 

U8           Tier III                                     2

U9           Tier II                                         1

U10      Tier II & TierIII                        2

U12       Tier II & TierIII                       2

U14        Tier III                                        1 


U10 & U12 Tryouts:

Likely Playing nights  (Set by the League, not us)

(subject to change)


                              Tier II                   Tier III

U8                                                        Tuesday

U9             Thurs(H) Sun(A)

U10          Thurs(H) Sun(A)        Wednesday

U12                 Tuesday                  Thursday

U14                                                      Tuesday

U16                                                      Wednesday


                              Tier II                   Tier III

U8                                                        Tuesday

U10                                                      Wednesday

U12                Tuesday                   Thursday

U14                                                      Wednesday

U16                                                      Thursday